Now we are offering a great new feature for all club-owners and booking agencies … the “DJ-League Booking-Support”. The “DJ-League Booking-Support” is a full package, that You can book for Your individual club-night or event, without paying any agency-commissions, etc. .

The Full Package Includes

Urban DJ or Dance-DJ
no agency commission !!!
see price-list below
Individual Flyer-Layout
print-flyer, web-flyer, animated web-flyer
79,00 € + tax
Big Web-Promotion
reaches many thousands of people: social networks, social newsgroups, websites, emailBlast, newsletter, etc.
39,00 € + tax

Pricelist DJs (in alphabetical order)

These are the DJs, You already can book through the “DJ-League Booking-Support”. More DJs will come in the next weeks.


Book Now By Filling Out The Form Completely

Your Personal Details

Contact Person (pre name, last name)

Email Of The Contact Person

Select The DJ For Your Event


Event-Date (DD/MM/YY)


Address Location (Street-Name, House-Number)

Town (Postcode, Name Of Town)



Flyer-Layout & Event Web Promotion
 Yes, I would like to have, for that event, a flyer-layout for 79,00 € + tax
 Yes, I would like to have, for that event, the big web-promotion for 39,00 € + tax

Upload the logo (as jpg, in high quality) for the flyer here: